Beauty News: Fenty Skin Launching on 31st July 2020

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What are the Fenty Skin releases?

Rihanna’s new skincare brand Fenty Skin is launching on 31st July 2020. The brand has been teasing new prodcuts on Instagram. The skincare line has been introduced as skincare for everyone. As I wrote in my inital post about Fenty Skin, I have high expectations for this release. What will they release first?

New products by Fenty Skin

Here are the products as announced by Trenmood on Instagram:

  1. Total Cleanser
  2. Fat Water Toner
  3. Day Cream with SPF
Post from Trendmood on Instagram.

Will I get anything from Fenty Skin?

I’m very curious about the products, but I still want to wait for more details and prices before I decide if and what I’m getting. What about you?

Keep up with Fenty Skin

Where can you get more information? You can get notified by Fenty Skin by subscribing on their website or just follow them on Instagram.

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