Beauty News: Rihanna to release Fenty Skin

In the May 2020 issue of the British Vogue Rihanna confirmed that she is going to release her skincare brand “Fenty Skin” soon. Three years after releasing her make-up-brand Fenty Beauty, which took the beauty world by storm, Rihanna is bringing us skincare products to achieve the ultimate Fenty Beauty Skin. At the heart of her make up release was her foundation line with 40 shades catering to different skin tones, and finally offering a variety of shades for darker skin tones. The beauty community had to wait for a release like this for far too long. Fenty Beauty was widely celebrated for this statement of inclusion. The brand has brought ought inclusive products with extensive shade ranges ever since. So now, we are wondering what she will bring to the skincare market.

What can we expect from Fenty Skin? The signature look from Fenty Beauty when it comes to skin is always a fresh, healthy and even skin. All the fun colours and diamond like highlighters require a nice base to shine the brightest. So while no announcements concerning specific products were made yet, we can expect a skincare line which will prep your face to achieve this signature look.

If the launch of Fenty Beauty was any indication for this launch, we expect big things from Fenty Skin. We expect it to be fun, luxe and add something new to the market.

What do you think about the launch of Fenty Skin? What kind of products do you expect or wish for?

Check back with us for updates on the release!


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