8 Skincare Bloggers Confess Their Skincare Sins | skinsoulTalk Ep. 2

Which skincare mistakes should you avoid?

I’m really excited about today’s post. I collaborated with seven other skincare bloggers and we’re all from or located in different corners of the world. Even though we live in different climates and surroundings, you’ll see that there are common skincare mistakes worldwide. We answered the following questions for you:

What skincare sins did you commit before you started your skincare journey?

What do you wish you knew about skincare when you were younger?

Can you guess which skincare mistake was most common? Find out which skincare mistakes you should avoid!

Summer in a bottle, 26, combination skin

“Using homemade masks like turmeric & lemon, tomato etc. They seem to be working for the short term but they damage your skin in the long term. Trust me guys, you need to keep your veggies and frutis in your ktichen, rather than putting them on your face.

Also, another mistakte I did, was: I used acne gel like clindamicin for my hormonal acne without consulting my doctor. And it left my skin DRY AF with patches and hyperpigmentation for life.”

You can follow @summer_in_a_bottle on Instagram here. She shares a variety of content from skincare and makeup to lifestyle. If you are looking for dupes for popular high end skincare and makeup, this is the feed to go! In her stories she also shares a lot from her daily life in Pakistan and goes through her skincare and makeup routine.

Miranda, 29, normal to dry skin, concerns: pigmentation, lines, nose pores

” I wish I’d understood the importance of a daily, dedicated sunscreen. I spent the first 23 years of my life in Australia and I only wore sunscreen when I went to the beach. Aside from the fact that skin cancer is a serious risk, I shudder to think about all the damage I did, that I haven’t even seen yet. Korean and Japanese sunscreens were the biggest gamechanger, and I’m always trying to push them onto my non-sunscreen-wearing friends!”

You can follow Miranda @mirandaeliseblog on Instagram here! She’s from Australia and is living in Germany. On her feed she shares her current no buy journey & skincare and makeup content. As part of her no buy project she is going through all of the samples and has a lot of product impressions to share!

Charlene, 29, oily skin, concern: hyperpigmentation

“I really wish I’d discovered the importance of wearing SPF at an earlier age. I think that as a black person you’re not often told that you should also be wearing sun protection, especially if you suffer from hyperpigmentation. As a result, there was a lot of trial and error at the beginning of my skincare journey. So now, when people ask me about building a skincare routine, it’s the first thing I mention: You need SPF!”

You can follow Charlène @msceebee on Instagram here! She’s also on TikTok under the same handle. Charlène is located in London and is documenting her Obagi skincare journey on her feed, showing us real skin updates.

Haley, 28, acne prone skin

“I tried buying cheap skincare rather than skincare that fit my needs. I ended up getting products that were too harsh and did more harm than good. Part of the reason is, I was very young and really didn’t have money. It took me a while to really invest in taking care of my skin. Quality skincare doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s usually no the absolute cheapest you’ll find.”

You can follow Haley @kbeautysleuth on Instagram here! She is from the US and is living in South Korea. Her feed and stories are always featuring new K-Beauty skincare and makeup directly from South Korea and she’s always introducing and testing products I haven’t seen before.

its.nik.nazirah, 33, oily skin, concerns: acne, scarS, aging

“My skincare sin that I’ve commit before I started my skincare journey are:
1. Using DIY remedies – my skin burned when I put cinnamon and honey on my skin.
2.  Trying local produce skincare product without doing proper research like brand’s background, ingredients, toleration of product to my skin and effect during and after using the products.
3. Trying so many products at the same time. My skin was sensitized so badly.
4.  Using chemical exfoliation without right direction. I jumped to Glycolic acid 7% instead of try to incorporate lowest percentage first. As the result, my skin broke out again. AGAIN!
5. Using harsh physical scrubs on my face.
6. Not wearing sun protection
7. Not consistent in my skincare routine.!

You can follow @its.nik.nazirah on Instagram here! She is from Malaysia and is sharing lots of cute flatlays and her skincare journey on her feed. Currently she’s hosting a Ramadan sheetmask challenge, check it out!

Rafael Dias da Costa, 24, combination skin, concerns: acne prone, enlarged pores

“One of the biggest skincare sins I’ve commited when I was younger was to use sunscreen only when it was sunny. I wish I had known back then that a great part of the harmful UV rays penetrate through the clouds.”

You can follow Rafael @rafeldiascosta on Instagram here! Rafael is from Brazil and is currently located in Canada. He loves Mariah Carey and shares skincare reviews and routines. His posts are in Portugese and English!

Josh, 30, normal to dry skin, concern: dehydration prone

“The one thing I wish I’d known about skincare when I was younger is that prevention is greater than cure! Unprotected sun exposure causes pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and these are much harder to reverse once established! WEAR SPF DAILY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!”

You can follow Josh @josh_douglas_skincare on Instagram here! He’s from Scotland and a qualified facialist. Josh shares skincare routines and product reviews. His skincare collection is very impressive, on his feed you can see whole lines from brands.

Cathleen, 28, combination skin, concerns: acne prone, hyperpigmentation

“My biggest skincare sin was probably treating my skin too harshly. When I first started breaking out really bad, I saw the blemishes as something I needed to fight. I hated how my skin looked and tried bad things like some black soap and irritating products, promising to dry everything out. Instead of treating my skin gently and helping it to heal, I caused even more damage.”

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Now it’s your turn: Which skincare sins did you commit? What do you wish you knew before starting your skincare journey?

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