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Does the best skin of your life start here?

Today, I want to share the first and only skincare book I got: The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here by Paula’s Choice creator Paula Begoun, Bryan Barron and Desiree Stordahl. They describe the book like this “Every page reveals shocking, myth busting facts about skincare” – and they’re not wrong with that bold statement. I started my skincare journey with this book and in this blog post, I want to share with you how much it taught me, why I didn’t get more books about skincare and if I still get use out of it today.

Why did I get the book?

Back in uni, my skin went through the worst phase it ever had – irritated, partly oily skin with intense breakouts on huge parts of my face. I was tired of trying out products with empty advertisement promises and trying things random people recommended. So I did, what I always do when I’m interested in a new topic: I looked up books to read up on myself. It just felt natural and I’m always comfortable to seek help in books by experts. The catchy title caught my eye and while I was suspicious, I was willing to give it a try after reading reviews and checking up on Paula’s Choice as a brand.

Who are the authors?

All three authors are internationally recognized for their extensive and research-based knowledge on skincare and you might know some of the work if you’ve ever heard of the skincare brand Paula’s Choice. Despite the connection to the skincare brand it never feels like they want to force their own products on you. There’s always a wide variety of recommendations from affordable to more high-end. I also highly appreciate that the things they highlight as important in skincare products’ formula and packaging is reflected in Paula’s Choice, so they seem to practice what they preach.

What’s in the book?

The book is divided into 16 chapters from skincare to makeup and covers everything the ordinary skincare customer and even skincare enthusiasts need to know to shop for products. Of course the importance of consulting your dermatologist is accounted for as well. They go through the most common and harmful misconceptions about skincare, catering to all different concerns. From acne and rosacea to anti-aging and even special skin problems everything is adressed. There are also instructions how to put together a skincare routine, what to look out for in products and recommendations for each category.

What do I like most about the book?

I love that it’s written in a way that anyone can understand it, you don’t need to be a scientist, you don’t need to have any prior knowledge and you will still get valuable information that you can use in your routine. At the same time the expertise and experience shines through every page – they provide scientific backup for any claims they make without slipping into exhausting textbook-writing-style.

They also provide an extensive inci glossary with detailed information about the most common ingredients! They break it down really well and you can always go back to check on an ingredient you might be wondering about.

How much did I learn about skincare?

Well, it’s safe to say I learned the majority I know about skincare from this book. Even though I’ve been active in the skincare realm as a consumer for several years by now, I still go back to certain chapters now and then to read up. And I still learn something new or get reminded of something I that slipped my mind. For most people it’s not going to be a book you read in an afternoon and close for good, as your journey continues and your skin concerns change you’ll come back to it. Like an old friend it will listen to your problems and happily give you new and insightful advice.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, I would recommend this book to any skincare newbie or even enthusiast who wants to have a cohesive overview. It’s great to get started and great to keep learning more. It has been a reliable companion to me and I never felt the need to get other books. I’m not saying other books are bad – how would I even know if I haven’t read them. If you have any specific recommendations, I’d be happy to check them out!

Will you get the best skin of your life?

Well, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll have great skin after reading this book, but it will most likely help you to improve it significantly. As always with skincare, it takes time and dedication to maintain healthy skin. Educating yourself about the right ingredients, formulation and packaging is certainly the right start.

Where to shop?

You can check any bookstore for the book or order it on Amazon (affiliated).

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