About Me

Hi! I’m Cathleen and I started the blog Skinsoulcare as a creative outlet to share my skincare enthusiasm and other topics I enjoy. My skincare journey started when I couldn’t find anything to cure my acne outbreaks – I decided to start reading skincare books and develop an effective skincare routine for myself. So now I want to help you out, if you are just beginning to discover the wonders of the skincare world. But I also want to share my still on-going journey with well-read skincare enthusiasts as well.

I’m 27 years old and I live in Germany. I have a B.A.-degree in Law and East Asian Studies and I completed German law school & the legal traineeship, so I’m a lawyer as well. What else? Let’s just do a few fun facts and pretend we’re filling out a friendship book: My hobbies include reading, writing, photography, foreign languages and traveling. I love cats, glitter and sunsets. Oh and stationary! I just can’t have enough notebooks, pencils, sticky notes and book markers. Keeping my calendar up to date is one of my favorite activities.

Next to skincare, I’m also sharing content about makeup, home & decor, personal finances, travel & food, TV-shows, books and personal & spiritual growth.

Let’s stay connected! What brings you here?