Do You Moisturize Your Skin Correctly?

Find The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin

Now, while moisturizing is the step that even people who don’t invest as much time and effort into their skincare routine will use, you still need to know a few things about moisturizing to get it right. In this blog post you’ll learn why you need to moisturize, why texture matters and how to incorporate this step into your skincare routine.

What does a good moisturizer do?

A good moisturizer will seal in all of the previous layers you applied, so that your skin can stay hydrated throughout the day or night. It should act as occlusive layer without clogging your pores or feeling too heavy. While it can further add beneficial ingredients to your skincare routine, I personally prefer to get these in earlier in my routine and just stick to simple moisturizers. My toner and essence usually do all the work and my moisturizer just locks it in and provides the base layer for my sunscreen and makeup in the morning routine.

Pat, pat, pat!

For the night time routine you can either use your daytime moisturizer or invest in a sleeping pack or mask. They are usually richer or contain ingredients in a higher concentration than daytime moisturizers to help your skin regenerate throughout the night. I can get away with a thicker layer overnight than throughout the day and like to have a separate sleeping mask instead of using my daytime moisturizer.

How do you find the right moisturizer?

When it comes to the right moisturizer, for me it’s all about the texture. A heavy, rich cream might be the right match for dry, flakey skin, but it can be irritating and cause breakouts or oily appearance on oily or combination skin. So, before you choose a moisturizer, you need to assess your skin type and know what your skin needs. For my combination skin lightweight gels or lotions are usually the way to go. On the more dry areas I can add some additional moisturizer or spot apply a richer cream. As always, it’s about observing your skin and finding the right match.

How to apply moisturizer correctly

You should apply your moisturizer after your essence / serum / ampoule step, or your sheetmask step and keep it lighthanded. Try to pat it in instead of rubbing it in to minimize potential irritation. And of course, don’t forget your neck!

In the morning you would follow this step with your sunscreen. In the evening this will most likely be your last step.

How often should you moisturize?

You should conclude each skincare routine with your moisturizer, so for most people this means: moisturizing twice a day.

What are the results?

If you have the right moisturizer, it will help you to seal in your previous layers and therefore keep your skin hydrated and smooth. It shouldn’t roll up or crumble under sunscreen and makeup either. So, while being rather simple, it’s an essential step to get the best results in your routine.

What’s next?

Depending on whether it’s a morning or evening skincare routine, you would either move on to sunscreen or get ready for bed!

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