Lifestyle – a rather vague term, because everyone is living their life differently and it could include any topics, depending on your personal interests. So for this category, I decided to pick a few lifestyle areas that I want to talk about and we’ll see where the journey takes us.


One misconception I had until my mid-twenties, and I wish I would have read up on finances much earlier, was that finance is something to know and think about once you have a “real” job. I’m not just talking about keeping track of expenses and having some kind of budget for your weekly grocery shopping – which is a start for sure! – but rather about an overall financial understanding with a long-term financial plan and serious saving goals. Of course I’m still no expert, but I want to talk about different financial aspects and help you get started in being financially more educated and responsible. Financial independence is much more achievable once you read more about the topic. So of course, there will be recommendations for books and other resources.

Don’t know where to start? Learn about financial freedom for beauty lovers or start saving money to buy whatever you want.

Productivity & Planning

Fail to plan – plan to fail?! While you cannot plan for everything in life and there will always be surprises, I truly believe that you need a minimum of planning to get ahead. Only when you have an overview over your goals, the necessary steps to get there and your resources, you can outline short- and longterm plans to help you realize your goals. So I want to share some tips and resources for increased productivity, efficiency and overall planning. I’ve always enjoyed keeping my calendar up to date and outlining plans, so look out for free calendar templates as well!



The topics surrounding home could be anything – from furnishing and decorating, to cooking or even gardening. Whatever interesting projects I decide to undertake at home, I’ll share the journey with you.

Travel & Food

I love to travel and discover new places. One of my favorite ways to explore a new destination is to get to know the local cuisine. So I’ll take you with me and introduce you to new places and dishes!