Netflix & Sheetmask – What to Watch Now

Binge-worthy TV-shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime to match your sheetmask routine

Selfcare can come in many different forms. If you’re a sheetmask-lover and can’t resist a good TV show, I got you covered! This blog post will provide you with sheetmask-recommendations paired with TV-shows you can find on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The length of episodes is divided into 20-30 minutes, 40 minutes and more than 50 minutes. The genres vary from comedy to drama to horror and also some reality TV – something for every mood.

Short Sheetmasking-Session – 20-30 minutes

Pair one episode of the following shows with a nicely hydrating sheetmask. The remaining essence should sink in rather quickly after removing the mask. One of my favorite sheetmasks for an effective and refreshing masking session is the 0.2mm Air Therapy line from Etude House. They have so many different sheetmasks and I liked every single one that I tried. I really enjoyed the Pearl, Honey, Aloe and Collagen sheetmasks from this line.


Source: Yesstyle (use code: ‘SKINSOUL’ for 2.5% off *affiliated*)


The Big Bang Theory

I’ve watched the complete series multiple times by now. The nerdy and comedic world develops nicely over the seasons and the cast always manages to make me laugh. You don’t have to understand physics to love this show!

Modern Family

This family comedy series sometimes plays hard on stereotypes, but overall I really enjoy it and watching this show always lifts my mood.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hilarious comedy show in the realm of a police station. Sometimes very absurd, but if you need a laugh this is perfect.

One day at a time

Another family comedy series following a Hispanic family living in the USA. Touches on many issues for the Hispanic community and overall family-life and combines it with humour.

Grace and Frankie

Finally a TV-show centered around the life of the eldery. Grace and Frankie lead a very exciting, often bizarre, life and it’s very entertaining to follow their adventures and challenges in daily life.


This is a mix of comedy and drama. The TV-show centers around a family with an autistic teenage-son and highlights challenges of social and romantic relationships for people on the spectrum and people not on the spectrum alike. Plus: Lots of penguin content!

Terrace House

A Japanese reality-TV-show, in which young adults share an apartment while they figure out their life and get to know each other.

Amazon Prime:

Young Sheldon

A spin-off from TBBT showing Sheldon’s childhood. I prefer TBBT but at least the TBBT-universe gets to live on through this show. It’s entertaining to watch, but I don’t like that the casted actresses of Sheldon’s mother and grandmother are totally off from the TBBT-cast.

King of Queens

An older TV-show that I used to watch. A lighthearted and easy to watch family and marriage comedy TV-show to take your mind off of everything.

Prince of Bel-Air

Another older TV-show starring Will Smith, giving an insight into a wealthy African-American family taking care of their nephew from a poorer neighborhood. It’s in fact so old, that many of the fashion pieces are already having their revival.

How I met your mother (also on Netflix)

Comedic relationship and friendship TV-show with a polarizing finale. Relieve this fun and never-ending-story or find out how Ted Mosby finally did meet the mother of his children and what happens.

Friends (also on Netflix)

Another older TV-show classic about relationship and friends that doesn’t cease to entertain.

Medium Sheetmasking-Session – ca. 40 minutes

Pair one episode of the following TV-shows with a nice multi-step sheetmask or several masks. You can either do a regular sheetmask and add a lip mask and some eye patches or get a sheetmask that already includes additional steps. A by Bom offers a great variety of multi-step sheetmasks and their sheetmasks are usually fully packed with essence. I like to get these masks out to have a more indulgent skincare routine.



A teenage TV-show set in a dark atmosphere with a mix of comedy, drama and crime thriller. The storylines get crazy and don’t always make sense but somehow the show is still captivating and so I just keep watching. Looking forward to the new season finale!


A revival-type TV-show for its predecessor, but I only watched the new show, so I can’t tell you much about the old version. An entertaining family drama-comedy-mix wrapped in fashion and luxury.


If you like apocalyptic Zombie-TV-shows this one is for you. It follows a group of survivors of a zombie-outbreak and of course they’re trying to find a cure and have to fight zombies and bad guys on the way. I especially enjoy how creative they get in making different episodes, each exploring a different apocalyptic topic or zombie-type, while still having a somewhat cohesive storyline.

Good Girls

Desperate Housewives, but make it gangster. Very entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. The show follows three befriended mothers, each with her own family and life struggles, which they try to solve getting involved in some illegal activities.

The Americans

A captivating TV-show about Soviet spies living in the US during the showdown between the two secrecy-services, fighting for information at seemingly all costs. A little shocking, a little heart-breaking and while I’m not sure how accurate this even is, I surely found it interesting to get a glimpse into this secretive world.

Amazon Prime:

Grey’s Anatomy

I don’t enjoy the newer seasons as much as the older ones but again, I just keep watching because I’m a commited viewer like that.

Once Upon a Time

I only saw the first few seasons and now I’m contemplating to watch the rest of them as well. This TV-show is for grown-ups who can’t give up on fairytales. In this show we get to meet many figures from fairytales with a modern twist.

This is us

Very intense family drama that made me cry several times already. I love the time jumps to explain different stories from all the family members involved. Don’t start watching if you’re having a sad day.


Another TV-show I have a few seasons to catch up on. This is a horror family drama infused with some comedy. The show follows two brothers who are hunting demons and other dark creatures, following into their father’s footsteps. While doing so they slowly unravel dark family secrets and are challenged with their individual fates.

Indulgent Sheetmasking-Session – 50+ minutes

Of course any of the TV-shows mentioned can be watched during an indulgent sheetmasking-session, just by binge-watching several episodes, but then my carefully selected categories won’t make sense anymore…so we’re sticking to it.

Pair any of the following TV-shows with your most indulgent skincare routine. Take your time to really incorporate all kinds of steps and let each product sink in nicely. I like to use a clay mask, like the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic clay mask (use code: ‘SKINSOUL’ for 2-5% off *affiliated*), do my usual routine and include a sheetmask, preferably a multi-step sheetmask from A by Bom. If you don’t want or need a clay mask, you could also try a nourishing or calming mask. The I’m-from-Honey-mask is a luxe and effective wash-off-mask, that you can keep on your skin for 20 minutes+ without any problems.


Source: Yesstyle


Source: Wishtrend



This TV-show is based on books and I’m determined to read them at some point. It’s a craftfully written, dramatic and adventurous love-story including accurate historic events and time travel. I’m amazed by the fascinating world the author created and highly recommend this TV-show.

Spinning Out

A dramatic glimpse into the world of professional ice-skating and mental health problems and their influence on children and overall family-life.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Another teenage TV-show, set in the same dark universe as Riverdale. Riverdale and Greendale are often mentioned briefly in both series, as they’re neighbor cities, and fans are eagerly waiting for the speculated crossover-episode of both TV-shows! The TV-show follows the young witch Sabrina, struggling with her heritage being half-witch and half-human. The first season still jumps from episode to episode with smaller storylines tying together the adventures of the Spellman-family, but the second season explores the storyline in a bigger picture.

Better Call Saul

A spin-off from the TV-show Breaking Bad, that I also recommend to watch and give it at least two episodes before you judge! The spin-off follows the story of the lawyer Saul Goodman and how he became who he is in Breaking Bad. Very captivating and hard to watch if they only release the new season episode by episode on a weekly basis.


If you’re into historic TV-shows and haven’t watched this one yet, you’re up for some fun. It follows the Medici family in Florence, Italy while they strive to build a well-known church and struggle with local politics.

Amazon Prime:


Another historic TV-show following viking-legends on their adventures. I just watched all of the seasons this year, once I started I couldn’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. Love the strong female leads and the time jumps, that allow to tell the story from a generation-perspective as well.

Carnival Row

No need for advertising this TV-show as it was all over the internet and Amazon heavily advertised it last year. If you don’t like to watch overhyped TV-show and have refused to watch it when it first came out, I encourage you to watch it now. It didn’t disappoint me and was captivating and interesting to watch. Don’t mind the bad acting from the female lead, the storyline is well done and I look forward to seeing more of the universe.

The Handmaid’s Tale

I only watched the first season to see what all the fuss is about, and I have to say I watched it within a few days. It’s a captivating and shocking TV-show about a dystopian world, where women are used as breeding-machines for the wealthy and dehumanized in every way imaginable.

Let’s finish the list with something light-hearted:

Making The Cut

A reality-TV-show with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn. If you love Project Runway and other fashion-competition-shows you’re in for a treat. It’s an international design competition with new episodes every Friday. The winning piece of the week is sold on Amazon in the Making The Cut Store!

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