Skincare Tips for Fasting

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How can you take care of your skin while fasting?

A bonus post for this week! No matter what kind of fasting you do, if you abstain from food and drink, it might result in dehydrated skin. Effective hydration is key in maintaining healthy skin, for all skin types and skin concerns. So this blog post focuses on skincare tips for fasting.

Main Points

  • To achieve and maintain healthy skin, you need to hydrate your skin effectively. Read about the basics of skincare here.
  • With the K-Beauty skincare routine you can build lightweight layers of hydration that last throughout the day. You can read a detailed outline here.
  • Use the 7 skin method to intensify hydration and apply maximum product without clogging the pores.
  • Avoid transepidermal water loss by concluding your skincare routine with an occlusive layer.
  • Face mists can refresh your skin throughout the day.

Different kinds of fasting

There are several kinds of fasting and people fast for different reasons. Fasting is defined as refraining from certain food or drink or other things for a specific period of time. Maybe you are fasting before a medical procedure, doing intermittent fasting for fitness or fasting for religious reasons. This week the month of Ramadan will begin, during which Muslims abstain from food and drink from dawn until sunset. If you are preparing to fast during Ramadan, you can find a free Ramadan planner here.

Nutritition for fasting

Depending on the kind of fasting you do, your water intake throughout the day will be heavily impacted. Make sure to drink enough water when you break your fast and before you start fasting. Since it can be difficult to drink larger amounts of water during a short time frame, you should take different kinds of hydrating food and drinks.

Your stomach can be sensitive after long periods of fasting, so start your meal with a soup to slowly ease into it. Avoid fried and salty food that can cause more dehydration. Choose vegetables and fruit that contain lots of water and will help you get enough hydration. My personal favorite is watermelon!

Hydrating skincare routine for fasting

Your skincare routine also plays an important role. You want to make sure you’re providing enough hydration. If you don’t follow it already, you can implement some steps from the K-Beauty skincare routine! If you already follow this kind of routine, you can try the 7 skin method and layer several layers of your hydrating toner. Apply a thin layer, pat it in and apply another thin layer. Repeat until you feel like your skin is nicely hydrated and plumped up. “7 skin” refers to the seven layers, but you don’t have to do exactly seven layers, just apply as many layers as you’re comfortable with. I do three layers maximum.

Opt for hydrating ingredients. Here’s what to look out for:

Seal the hydration in

To seal everything in nicely and avoid unnecessary transepidermal waterloss, you can apply an occlusive layer on top. This is your moisturizing step. My favorite moisturizers for the spring and summer time are lightweight and cooling gels, which also feel refreshing on the skin.

Refreshing face mists while fasting

Another skincare tip for fasting: To get some refreshment for your skin throughout the day, or to add another effortless layer of hydration during your skincare routine, you can use a face mist. Face mists are fine sprays that you can spray onto your face. They lay a thin layer of liquid onto your face. Depending on the face mist you use, you will get other beneficial ingredients into your routine as well. My favorite face mist is the 100% grape water from Caudalie.

Caudalie Grape Water

Soothing & Moisturizing

Source: Caudalie


Staying hydrated is always crucial for your overall health and skin health. When you’re fasting you should pay special attention to your skin and make sure you get all the hydration that you need.

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