Skincare Basics & Routines

From skincare guides for beginner’s to advanced routine customizing – I want to share my experiences to help you build a routine, that is effective for your personal skin and its concerns. I’ll introduce my favorite ingredients, share products and guidelines that worked and didn’t work for me and show you step by step morning and evening routines. There will be a lot of Korean Beauty, also known as K-Beauty, as well as other East Asian products, but also different European and US-American brands. Whenever I go traveling, I will make sure to explore the local beauty brands as well.

Product Reviews

To help you navigate through the skincare and marketing jungle, I want to share my personal skincare journey with you and provide in-depth reviews about products. Sometimes I’ll share my favorite products from a single brand, my favorite products for a certain skincare step like toner, essence, moisturizer or sunscreen, and sometimes I’ll just focus on a single ingredient or specific product.


I’ll not only talk about brands and shops, but also about subscription boxes – if there is any specific brand or product you would like me to review, let me know! Subscription or even personally curated boxes are a fun gift you can even surprise yourself with and there are so many to choose from.

Beauty & Makeup

Next to skincare, I also want to share other beauty products like hair care and makeup.