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This planner is for everyone who wants to commit to a meaningful Ramadan, whether you are able to fast or not. Yes, it’s a month of fasting, but if you are not able to fast at all or not for the whole month, don’t forget, that there are still other acts of worship you can do and still experience Ramadan bliss. 

This year we will experience a very different Ramadan. Social distancing and closed mosques may create a feeling of loneliness, but you can try to use the isolation for deeper reflection. Many religious blessings and revelations were given during the state of isolation and you can find other ways to feel connected. 

Focus on the activities you can still do and look for online resources like this planner. While keeping distance, still reach out by text message or calls to your family, friends and neighbors and see how you can help. Also don’t forget that while you may not be able to visit your local mosque, it might still be in need of your charity! Mosques that are mostly run through charity by the community rely on the money they receive after Friday prayers and during Ramadan. Of course there are many causes calling for your help right now, so contribute in whatever way you can. 

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The planner includes:

  • Tips to prepare for Ramadan
  • Worksheet for goal setting with instructions to help you achieve long-term results
  • Monthly overviews for the months Shaban, Ramadan and Shawwal
  • Daily overviews for each day in Ramadan
  • Reflection worksheets for each third of the month to help you keep track and stay motivated

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