4 Most Worn Eyeshadow Palettes in Spring

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Which palettes are my favorites for spring?

As if skincare wasn’t expensive enough, I happen to enjoy makeup as well. How about you? I slowly got more and more into it over the years. Eyeshadow was the most intimidating product for me, I used to think that any eyeshadow just looked stupid on my hooded eyes. I’ve come to realize that most ads just didn’t show flattering techniques for hooded eyes when I was growing up – long before Youtube and Instagram was blesses us with more different content for any eyeshape. So, for the past two years I fully indulged into eyeshadow palettes and have built a nice little collection. Today, I want to talk about the palettes I gravitate towards the most during the spring time!

Is eyeshadow even seasonal?

Fair question, I don’t think it has to be seasonal. You can wear any color any time you want! But sometimes I like to get inspired by the season and go with the flow. Of course there are eyeshadow palettes I go for any time of the year, but we’ll talk about those in another post. Let’s get into some spring eyeshadows!

1. Zoeva Melody Palette, 23€

Zoeva is a German Indie brand, that’s made in Italy. This is the first palette from Zoeva I tried and it made me want to try more. The packaging and color story are a cohesive and stunningly beautiful butterfly theme. You got 10 shades total: your brown neutrals, leaning into flattering and aetherial duochromes with purple, peach, green infusions and some subtle pink sparkle. The pictures online don’t do it justice. I got a few good dips in these shadows, as you can see.

The formula blends easily and gives a soft, flattering look. You have different options with this palette, you can do a very neutral look, a neutral look with a twist or do a fairy-like soft colorful look. For me it hits the sweet spot between neutral and colorful.

Shop the Zoeva Melody palette here.

2. The Douce by Juvia’s, 23,25€

Juvia’s Place is a very well-known PoC-owned Indie brand from the US.I love the tribal design on the front, that matches the color story on the inside as well. The palette has 9 beautiful shades, I’d say this is another half neutral, half colorful palette. The pans are huge! The formula is intense from the first application and the shimmers are absolutely stunning. My favorite corner is without doubt the peachy, pinky quad in the right upper corner. I like to pair it with the green shimmer for a fun pop of green.

You can get a fun pretty look with this palette in no time. I don’t feel like I’m using the full range of the palette, but I know which looks I like to create with it and I grab it often for that purpose.

Shop the Douce by Juvia’s here.

3. Glamlite Cosmetics Miracle Palette

Glamlite is another US Indie brand, you probably know them for their fun food themed palettes. This palette was a special for breast cancer awareness day and I got it in a Tribe Beauty Box collab with Angelica Nyqvist. It comes with 12 stunning shades: bright peach, soft peach, breathtaking pink and peach shimmers with some nudes. The shimmer formula is spectacular! The mattes work well, too but the reason I keep coming back are definitely the pink and peachy orange shimmer. It just screams spring in full bloom to me!

Shop the Glamlite Miracle palette here.

4. Lethal Cosmetics Custom Palette

Lethal Cosmetics is a Berlin based Germany Indie brand, that let’s you build your own palettes. I didn’t realize this post would turn into an Indie post as well, but hey, Indie brands are really great! I made this palette with 12 shades myself. It wasn’t my goal to make a palette with a cohesive color story, I rather wanted to try shades that interested me. So, these colors don’t all go together, but that’s fine. It’s not meant to all go together. For spring I love these soft pastel shimmers and the more intense shimmers. The formula blends beautifully and the color payoff is true to pan.

From top to bottom, left to right I got the shades:

  • afterglow, arsenic, mirage, backdraft
  • remission, helios, recluse, spirit
  • relapse, echo, habitat, trespass

Shop from Lethal Cosmetics here.

What are your most worn palettes during spring?

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