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“Drama-free” channels I enjoy watching

There’s so much going on in the world and sometimes you just want to go to YouTube to escape everything and watch a relaxing and fun video about makeup. If only there wasn’t all this drama going on in the “beauty community” as well…so today, I want to share a few smaller channels I enjoy watching, that are actually still about makeup! I’m listing them in no particular order. If any of you ever read this post, keep up the great work!

channels mentioned in this post

  • Angelica Nyqvist
  • Julia Mazzucato
  • Amy Loves Makeup
  • Morgan Turner
  • Karen Harris

Angelica Nyqvist – Colourful Makeup Visionary

If you don’t know what to do with colourful makeup or which colours go together, Angie’s channel is the place to go. She can make any colour combination work and comes up with so many different bold looks. Her fashion and makeup style is very distinguishable and refreshing. I trust her reviews and admire her work ethic. Next to working a full time job in Sweden, she’s uploading several videos a week. She also does a weekly “Going on the wishlist or nah”-series on Sundays that’s very entertaining.

I also like that she’s located in Europe as well and therefore, mentions European brands that are accessible for me iin Germany as well. She covers everything from Indie to mainstream brands and drugstore to high-end.

Check out her amazing Indie Palette Collection!

Julia Mazzucato – Boss Babe who does it all

Julia is always very inspiring, she’s not only a full time student in premed and uploads many YouTube-videos, she also has a super creative merch line and finds the time to do and share her workouts on Instagram. Her editing style is very entertaining and I love her video ideas and makeup style. She often shows different looks she creates with palettes in her videos, which is very helpful. Check out her Instagram as well, if you want to see more looks.

One of my favorite tags is The Eyeshadow Palette Tag!

Amy Loves Makeup – inner corner Highlights connoisseur

Amy also runs the Instagram Indiemakeupspotlight, check it out here, she also does informative YouTube-videos about Indie and mainstream makeup. She has so many colourful palettes and introduced many new brands to me. She’s a very hard-working mom and seems so genuine and kind. You can really tell how much effort and love she puts into her channel.

Look at all these rainbow palettes!

Morgan Turner – High-end & Luxury Makeup Expert

Morgan knows everything about high-end and luxury makeup and it seems like she owns all of it as well. She puts a lot of work and thought into her channel. I personally don’t know much high-end or luxury makeup, but I’m always curious about her opinions. If I’m interested in something I’ll check out her review to make a better decision. She also owns more affordable brands, so she can give you good comparisons. Be aware that these videos will make you want to splurge though 🙂

Two of my favorites: Blush and a collection video!

Karen Harris – makeup-savage and Pro-Enabler

Karen is always testing out makeup to see if it’s tan-girl-friendly and is always wearing pretty earrings in her videos. She’s a true makeup savage herself and is enabling me to get a few things as well. I like that she’s very down to earth and keeps it real with us. Her videos are always fun to watch like you’re meeting up with a friend to chat about makeup. Somehow, she manages to upload many videos next to her full-time job.

She’s regularly ranking her monthly purchases!

Do you watch any of these channels? What are some of your recommendations? Check out my 4 most-worn eyeshadow palettes for spring here.

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